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We have a total No Smoking Policy both in the house and gardens

Data Held by Merchant House Girvan

Name, Home Address, Email Address and Telephone Number(s)

This information is used for the following 

Name - To know who has booked and will be a guest at Merchant House

Home Address - To send confirmation of booking and/or return any items left 

Email address - To confirm booking, find out time of arrival and dietary requirements.

Telephone number - To contact booker if there is an urgent issue or return a call. You will not be contacted for any other reason.

All of the above information is held securely by Merchant House. Names and Addresses and Email Addresses are held electronically by our booking system (Freetobook) and will have been entered by the booker or Merchant House (if contacted direct). Email Addresses will also be held on an electronic device if the booker has contacted Merchant House and Merchant House has replied.

Names,Home Address, Email Address and Telephone Number will not be shared or passed on to any third party.

Merchant House will not use this information for any other reason than above.

Emails will be deleted once guests have visited.

Credit and Debit Cards

Merchant House has a PayPal reader for card transactions. No card details other than the last 4 digits are held by Merchant House on completion of transaction.

Card details are required at the time of booking through Merchant House website and are processed via Freetobook.

Merchant House does not take any payment over the telephone.

Merchant House does not hold any card details whatsoever and will never ask you for card details

The owners of Merchant House are the only ones who are authorised to process transactions

Merchant House working with Freetobook and PayPal is PCI compliant

The right to be forgotten

There is  the right to ask to have your details removed from Merchant House system however this does not override any legislative requirements.

Merchant House will not hold any information longer than required for business purposes